Evolving over time, GBL’s email solution accommodates new technologies and the changing needs of their clients


GBL Personnel (GBL) are a leading Wellington recruitment consultancy. They have provided talented staff to government and corporate organisations for over 30 years and are a panel provider under the All-of-Government external recruitment services agreement.

The Challenges

  • GBL needs to ensure email branding is consistent and professional and is displayed appropriately when viewed on different devices and software combinations.
  • GBL requires customised levels of branding to meet the requirements of diverse organisations – many government organisations require plain text emails rather than full HTML branding.
  • The fast-paced nature of recruitment, particularly temporary recruitment means consultants require quick responses from clients and candidates.  It is important that they receive prompt notification of email delivery issues or failure so that consultants can follow up with a text or phone call if required
  • Due to the confidential nature of GBL’s business, email security is a priority, so they require an email solution with high levels of security.
  • GBL’s email signature blocks contain links to their website and social media, and it is important to GBL that these links remain active and are applied consistently to outgoing emails.
  • GBL likes to manage user settings so that they can update user details as required, and customise emails by applying special banners, for example, GBL’s Christmas email to Clients.
Delivering client success

Solution and results

The Solution

The C9 Signature system provides GBL with an email solution that delivers consistent, professional branding, and is customisable to meet the requirements of a wide variety of clients and technologies.

The high levels of security, compliance, and auditability, and the customised delivery failure notification process offered by C9 Signature provide GBL with the reassurance that emails will be delivered securely and reliably.

The C9 Signature interface provides GBL with the flexibility to update user details and customise banner and signature details as required.

The Results

GBL emails are optimised to render reliably for different email clients and devices, providing GBL with confidence that their professional branding will be delivered consistently to all email recipients.

GBL administrators can manage user details and customise signatures and banners via the C9 Signature interface, ensuring user details and signatures are kept up to date.

The signature blocks of GBL’s out-going emails contain links to GBL’s website and social media channels, which helps to drive traffic to their website and increase online awareness and engagement.

The C9 Signature reporting interface enables GBL to monitor email delivery and provides confirmation that emails are delivered efficiently. Prompt notification from Cumulo9 when an email can’t be delivered to a recipient allows consultants to follow up quickly so that jobs can be filled with the best possible candidates, often within very tight time frames.

High levels of security provided by the C9 Signature system offer GBL peace of mind that emails will be delivered securely and reliably.

GBL’s email solution has evolved over time to accommodate new technologies and the changing needs of their clients, and Cumulo9 has worked successfully with GBL since 2008 to provide a professional, reliable and user-friendly email solution.


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