As Franchise New Zealand grew they faced challenges adapting and leveraging a changing media environment.

Business Sales

Franchise New Zealand’s primary focus is “putting people into business”. This includes promoting opportunities to people who are looking at buying a business and helping people to evaluate business opportunities. A home-based business in Whangaparaoa, they have been operating for more than 24 years and have a staff of 5 full-time and several freelance consultants working for them. With a large existing database, marketing to this group is a core activity and regular communication that is well delivered is a top priority for Franchise New Zealand.

The Challenges

Franchise New Zealand was originally a print magazine, with a website being added in 1997. As the website became a bigger part of their marketing they realised they were missing a trick as people would visit once and not return or, if they did, not return as frequently as Franchise New Zealand would like. The website was not being seen as an ongoing news source as well as an archive of knowledge. In a changing media environment, it was important to the continued success of Franchise New Zealand that it be positioned as a living source of information.

Franchise New Zealand had only originally started doing an email newsletter to clients in 2005. Over time, they added other interested parties to the database and soon found that sending it out themselves was no longer practical as the newsletter was not getting delivered to a lot of people – either due to a high email bounce rate or being blocked by spam filters.

They recognised that there was an opportunity to make everything they did work better and as a small organisation they are proud of their record of punching above their weight. The key challenge was how to grow their database and their website traffic and to effectively leverage both communication channels.

Delivering client success

Solution and results

The Solution

Franchise New Zealand selected the Cumulo9 C9 Campaign* product to help provide a solution to their challenge and have found that “C9 Campaign” provides a number of services that work:

  • Most importantly, C9 Campaign gets email through to people with a strong delivery record.
  • Reports provide Franchise New Zealand with the ability to see who is reading what. This information used for continuous improvement of the effectiveness of their communications.
  • Cumulo9’s C9 Campaign product is extremely measureable– from click-through to delivery rates, Franchise New Zealand are now able to measure results easily.
  • It is simple and efficient to use, making it possible to design a communication that is useful, interesting and professionally presented.
  • Finally, Cumulo9 takes care of the assembling, coding, testing and sending of the emails, freeing up valuable time for Franchise New Zealand to get on with running their business.

The Results

The Franchise New Zealand database of subscribers has increased from around 2000 to over 12,000 since they started using the Cumulo9 1-2-Many product. Once they had a regular newsletter in a properly-presented format they were able to effectively promote it through other channels such as their website. It complements their web and print presence and helps keep Franchise New Zealand top of mind and provides excellent customer behaviour insights.

The improved deliverability has resulted in higher open rates and has increased the number of visits to their website. It also enabled Franchise New Zealand to develop a new “email blast” product that, along with providing a new source of income, also offers additional value to their customers. Finally it has helped to strengthen their position in the market against challenges from overseas operators, none of whom have proved able to wrest market leadership from this small, homegrown and highly professional company.

Cumulo9’s C9 Campaign product provides us with a hassle-free peace of mind business solution. Our database has taken us over 24 years to build and I can confidently leverage it knowing that it will be secure and that our communications are going to go out when I want them to and to whom I want them to go.

Simon Lord

Publisher, Franchise New Zealand


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