Fifo Capital approached Cumulo9 looking for a brand compliance email solution while still allowing for customisation.


Established in 2005, Fifo Capital is a financier servicing the small/medium business market helping Australasian businesses to manage their cash flow. Business owners come to Fifo Capital for help with their short-term cash flow needs. The Fifo Capital business model allows for fast responses and tailored financial solutions designed specifically for small business.

After strong initial growth Fifo Capital faced the decision on how best to expand. They decided on a Business Partner/ Franchise model and already boast a large network of franchisees across New Zealand and Australia (approximately 10 franchisees in New Zealand and 50 across Australia). Next steps are expansion into the UK/Europe markets.

The Challenges

The main challenge facing Fifo Capital was one that is familiar to many businesses, and in particular those operating a Franchise model:

How to maintain consistent brand alignment within all communications and collateral when they are being delivered by a diverse group of franchise business partners across both New Zealand and Australia?

Nigel Thomson (Fifo Capital Founder and Head Franchisor) recognised early on the importance of consistent communications that are professionally delivered. Ensuring they not only reflect the high value services that Fifo Capital provide, but also assist in leveraging the brand equity developed over many years.

Prior to engaging Cumulo9 some Fifo Capital Business Partners were operating their communications independently. Despite clear brand guidelines and instructions, not all of the Business Partners were following these. Emails in particular were an area of concern as independent franchisers were still adding their unique twist and the Fifo Capital communications were losing their professionalism.

Delivering client success

Solution and results

The Solution

Fifo Capital came to Cumulo9 looking for a solution, one that would ensure brand compliance while allowing for Business Partners to bring in some customisation ensuring their unique customer relationships were maintained. The solution was Cumulo9’s C9 Signature product which allows all emails to be channeled

via the Fifo Capital head office. Fifo Capital worked with Cumulo9 to develop and implement the Fifo Capital email signature and other marketing activities. While the Cumulo9 C9 Signature product offers many additional tracking and reporting features, Fifo Capital elected to start with a simple header, signature and reporting options. In short, the Cumulo9 C9 Signature product provided Fifo Capital with the ability to maintain their professionalism and build their brand and network, while allowing for customisation of their email communications where necessary

The Results

  • Universally brand compliant emails that are centrally controlled
  • Email templates and communications that allow for individual franchisee personalisation
  • Growth across the company and email over print communications resulting in cost savings across the business
  • A low ongoing maintenance solution via the central dashboard allowing for the independent management of users
  • Access to their own personal Cumulo9 Account Manager
  • A streamlined change request procedure that has resulted in seamless ongoing management

Cumulo9’s C9 Signature has certainly made a difference to our business. We had varied and inconsistently branded email communications around the place which was not ideal, and this issue has now disappeared. Working with Cumulo9 has ticked off a key priority for us which was brand consistency.

Nigel Thomson

Founder and Head Franchisor, Fifo Capital


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