A consistent brand image and the ability to easily target and leverage the various support, fundraising and awareness activity has now been achieved for the Cancer Society in Wellington.

Not for Profit

Cancer Society Wellington is a provincial division of the National Cancer Society. They seek to reduce the incidents and impact of cancer by offering education and support to those who are affected. Their goal is to ensure that all those in their region who are affected by cancer have both the emotional and practical help through the experience

The Society offer programs, groups, specialist nurses and assistance with accommodation and transport for those undergoing treatment. In addition they provide a helpline, online community and even a CanTalk magazine. This is a large scale operation requiring significant resource from a hugely dedicated team of staff and a committed volunteer network. Check out their website here.

The Wellington division has 30 employees and includes the Wairarapa, Nelson and Marlborough regions.

The Challenges

Firstly, Cancer Society Wellington needed a solution that would allow them to present a consistent brand image across their entire desktop email communications. With the sheer volume of activity going on at any one time, there was a danger that the brand or messaging delivered via email could be inconsistent at times.

It was imperative that all communications had the same look and feel, but also provided the flexibility to change out and leverage their various support, fundraising and awareness activities and campaigns within their email banners and signatures.

Cancer Society Wellington was also looking for a solution that would allow them to analyse their recipient’s behaviour. Traditional email communications don’t have comprehensive reporting features that provide read receipts, drive engagement through the use of banners, or track when users view or click on links.

Most importantly, Cancer Society Wellington were looking for an email solution that helped them effectively communicate with their most important stakeholders. These include the volunteers who help, the amazing donors who keep the Cancer Society operating, and all the many people throughout the region they offer vital support to.

Delivering client success

Solution and results

The Solution

Cancer Society Wellington adopted the Cumulo9 C9 Signature* product so that all outbound communications were cohesive. This ensured the correct message was going out to the right people at the right time and they were able to use their email signature as an important marketing tool helping to communicate specific messages to their key stakeholders.

Having a customisable, consistent email template meant that it only required one staff member to switch out the email banners whenever they had a newsletter or event to promote. The reporting feature of the C9 Signature product allowed for the Cancer Society Wellington to see when recipients had read their email, and how much engagement they were getting. This in turn allowed them to measure the effectiveness of their activities and plan future activities accordingly.

The Results

C9 Signature

Since adopting C9 Signature, the Wellington Cancer Society have achieved professional looking and brand consistent email signatures across the central Wellington office. The benefits have included:

  • Increased measurement of newsletter engagement through measured content clicks: over a 6 month period there were more than 1600 link clicks
  • Simple and easy to update email signatures for the whole team via one central point
  • Positive stakeholder feedback on email marketing efforts such as the Christmas message
  • Email signatures that include links direct to social media channels - increasing online community engagement and awareness
  • Central Wellington office email signatures are now consistently and professionally delivered in line with the brand guidelines and current events
  • Staff have the ability to send out animated email banners such as the “donate now” example that provides for a direct response and increases the likelihood of conversion.
  • Email signatures are aligned with the Communications Strategy and provide another avenue for effective campaign delivery
  • Banners have provided a great channel for health promotions, volunteering efforts, supportive care services and fundraising
  • Administrators have central control of email signatures and graphics, including the ability to code and upload image

Cumulo9 have provided great support, they helped me with banner designs to create stakeholder buy-in for our activities. The product has helped me to develop our own design for our email signatures and banners -saving time and improving the output

Larissa McMillan

Communications Coordinator, Cancer Society - Wellington Division


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