Albany Extreme Case Study

100% Extreme Appliances have worked closely with Cumulo9 over many years to create and maximise digital email engagement for special events and promotions.

Appliance Retail

100% Albany Extreme and 100% Barrells Whangarei are part of the 100% Appliances Group, a nationwide group of more than 50 stores providing the very best information and deals on appliances for the home or office. 

They are a New Zealand owned, independent appliance group, and part of the largest chain of appliance stores in Australasia. 

The Challenges

100% Albany Extreme and Barrell's communications for product specials and events had long been largely print. They were looking for a way to communicate digitally with their existing customers without spamming them or devaluing the brand with too many emails. 

They did not have a campaign email system in place and wanted to introduce digital communications that were relevant, professional and effective. While they still use print advertising, the purpose of these emails would be to promote sales events such as VIP nights direct to their valued customers.

Delivering client success

Solution and results

The Solution

C9 Campaign 

  • 100% Albany Extreme and Barrells Appliances started using C9 Campaign more than eight years ago and have never looked back. They use the product primarily to promote their special events and VIP Nights. 
  • They employ the services of Cumulo9 to develop templates and adapt their print flyers into dynamic, digital communications that allow recipients to click through to a particular product or information page on their website, or a landing page within C9 Campaign. 
  • The team simply downloads a full recipient list from their CRM system before each send and C9 Campaign automatically generates a spreadsheet of invalid uploads to be passed back, such as invalid email addresses and previous unsubscribers. This saves time in that these contacts do not need to be removed before uploading into C9 Campaign. 
  • The emails also contain iCal buttons so that events can be automatically added to the recipients’ calendar if they so choose. 

The Results

C9 Campaign 

  • The C9 Campaign database and refresh functionality allow the group to provide an extract of their email database before each send and the system will update any details of existing clients without the need for the creation of a new list. This means that all recipient interactions from the time they are first sent to are saved within one contact tab. 
  • All emails are responsive and render beautifully on both desktop and mobile devices. The emails are developed in such a way that they do not rate highly on the spam scale, a very real risk for retail communications that use particular sales language. 
  • The in-depth reporting interface allows them to see which products are most popular, whether people are clicking on images or buttons, which email clients and devices are being used and the overall interaction with their campaigns. This means future campaigns can be adjusted to achieve maximum impact. 
  • The open rates and click-through rates for all emails and reminder emails have remained consistently high over all the years C9 Campaign has been used. 

While the team at 100% Albany Extreme and 100% Barrell's appliances have seen huge benefits from the features and functionality of C9 Campaign, the largest value has come from the specialised service provided by the team at Cumulo9. 

The database maintenance, campaigns, reminders and landing pages are developed swiftly and affordably. Cumulo9 staff members are familiar with the business and provide ongoing input into how the email campaign results can be maximized. 

“C9 Campaign has allowed us to come across as even more professional and gain customer trust and loyalty. Our clients are informed about events they want to know about and we can moderate our communications to what is valuable and beneficial to them”.

Peter Hill

Director, 100% Albany Extreme Appliances and 100% Barrells Appliances


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