Cumulo9 helped AJ Park to achieve efficient and consistent email branding while targeting specific recipients for their customised email communications.


AJ Park is a leading provider of intellectual property law services in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific region. They act for a diverse range of world-class organisations and individuals have over 200 staff across three offices located in Wellington, Auckland and Sydney.

The Challenges

As an internationally recognised provider of intellectual property law services, AJ Park has some unique challenges when it comes to digital communications. The original challenge was to get email branding consistency across the firm, something many businesses struggle with. However, due to the nature of their business they regularly need to send cosigned emails out to clients. It is a legal requirement that these are cosigned and without technology to help the manual process was impacting efficiency and compliance for the firm.

Delivering client success

Solution and results

The Solution

AJ Park required the ability to easily customise all outgoing emails allowing for dual signatures when cosigning by partners is required. Cumulo9’s C9 Signature* is the ideal solution for this challenge. At AJ Park, an email is drafted in Outlook, sent to the AJ Park server which then sends it off to C9 Signature where the signature blocks are inserted based on an active directory maintained by Cumulo9.

The process for dual signatures works exactly the same, however the user adds a specific code that C9 Signature picks up and then drops in the correct signature. Then it's off to MailMarshal and out to the world with consistently branded emails. This simple solution, made possible by Cumulo9 technology, is easy to use and compliance is possible with staff only ever using one code meaning there is no need to look it up each time. Finally, having the correct signature going out means that when clients reply to the emails the response goes to the correct person at AJ Park.

The Results

  • Emails get sent out on behalf of someone while maintaining the correct rules for sending each email – saving AJ Park a lot of manual work setting up email signatures and manually entering the signature blocks for co-signing.
  • C9 Signature has allowed AJ Park to send emails out via a specific address and any queries come back directly to the right person – replies now go to the correct person every time, resulting in significant improvements in efficiency.
  • Client engagement is great as emails come from a real person not a generic email address and the client is able to contact the appropriate person directly.
  • The IT department has a business system that is nice and easy to administer internally while having support from the Cumulo9 team when they need it.
  • AJ Park have been able to easily customise emails to help promote special occasions such as special banners at Christmas, highlight award wins and promote milestone dates such as their 125 year anniversary.
  • They have also recently started using Cumulo9 to send statements out via email resulting in significant savings on postage and administration.
  • Finally, they now have a safe and secure archive copy of every email ever sent.

We have a whole bunch of rules in terms of co-signing and automated renewal emails going out which is very easy for us to manage. We now get brand awareness, nice and tidy and consistent.

Milan Hira

IT Manager, AJ Park


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