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Articles | 28 Feb 2019

How To Ensure Your Customers Read What You Send Them

Just because you’ve sent it, doesn’t mean your message is getting through. Here are three areas that are critical to understand to ensure that your customer communications are deli...
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Articles | 18 Feb 2019

The Uses and Benefits of Transactional Emails

Transactional email is a vital pillar of any brand’s business email strategy. Even today, the most commonly used form of communication between brands and their customers is email. ...
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Articles | 14 Jan 2019

Mass Emailing: 10 Great and Quick Tips for Success

Mass Email is more strategic than you think and there are several things to consider in order to launch a successful business email campaign and improve the effectiveness of your e...
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Articles | 19 Dec 2018

System Upgrade Release – DKIM on C9 Signature

Cumulo9 delivered an early Christmas present by providing an extra layer of security and authentication of their C9 Signature product. This improved feature that will benefit all C...
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Articles | 25 Nov 2018

7 Ways to Avoid the Spam Folder

1. Avoid dirty tricksRandom and extraneous characters in your email subject lines to attract recipients to open your emails simply do not work. Some examples of these are “pR!zE” “...
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Articles | 23 Oct 2018

How Much of Your E-Delivery Arrives?

Just because something was sent, doesn’t mean that it is always delivered as expected.

We recently saw an Uber Eats driver in Melbourne caught taking a chip from a customer’s deli...
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Articles | 05 Oct 2018

Using Email to Improve Your Business Efficiency

Running your business in this fast-paced technological age can be easier than you think by using email to improve some key business efficiencies.

We all know that email improves e...
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Articles | 23 Sep 2018

2018 Deliverability Benchmark Report

It has been a busy 12 months on the business email landscape with plenty of changes across the industry particularly with GDPR coming into effect in May. Some of these changes have...
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Articles | 31 Aug 2018

Why is Optimising Emails for Different Devices and Formats so Crucial?

At the start of 2017, we posted the top 5 points to consider with responsive email design. Fast forward 18 months’ and consumers have become more and more mobile when it comes to h...
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Articles | 26 Jul 2018

Managing Consent with GDPR

It’s now just over a month since the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into effect (25 May 2018). At Cumulo9 we are big fans of the GDPR and believe it will pave the ...
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Articles | 12 Jun 2018

Reaching the Inbox – Monitoring and Managing Email Deliverability

Transactional documents such as invoices, contracts and payslips are the lifeblood of any company.  Today, more than 50% of these documents are delivered via email around the world...
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Press Release | 16 Apr 2018

Cumulo9 partners with Pitney Bowes to bring an innovative approach to online document archiving and retrieval

Most businesses today are adopting cloud-based solutions for storing their documents and maintaining transactional records digitally. The challenge businesses face is finding the s...
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Articles | 19 Mar 2018

Increase the effectiveness of your Campaign Emails with A/B Testing

A/B Testing or as it is sometimes known – Split Testing, is one of the key benefits businesses can utilise to ensure their email marketing is as effective as possible.

First, an e...
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Press Release | 20 Feb 2018

Cumulo9’s New Corporate Video

It’s not very often we get to announce the launch of a new corporate video here at Cumulo9 – in fact, this may well be the first time.

Late last year we went on the search for a v...
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Press Release | 31 Jan 2018

New Email Delivery Report Now Available with Mailpost

We’re always looking to improve the services we offer to our clients around the region and we are kicking off 2018 with more of the same. During January, our technical team has bee...
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Articles | 12 Dec 2017

Start 2018 with a successful and effective email signature

We thought we’d sign off 2017 with one final blog post that will help set you up for an effective 2018 with the essential elements of a successful email signature.

Having a compre...
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Articles | 10 Sep 2017

How good is your “email reputation”?

In business your reputation is everything, and the same goes with your “email reputation”.  A poor email reputation can impact the deliverability of your business emails, slowing d...
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Articles | 07 Sep 2017

Do you suffer from ‘email anxiety’? Read this blog to help make that a thing of the past.

Are you in charge of your company’s email marketing campaigns? Ever feel that panic rising once you’ve hit the send button to hundreds (or thousands) of people? Don’t worry, many p...
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Press Release | 07 Aug 2017

New Mailpost features allow you to get paid quicker and increase email security

Launching today is the latest version of our Mailpost product and the team is excited about the new possibilities for our customers. A POLi payment button can now be added into you...
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Articles | 22 Jun 2017

Targeted email and a consistent brand helps to deliver for the Cancer Society Wellington

A consistent brand image and the ability to easily target and leverage the various support, fundraising and awareness activity has now been achieved for the Cancer Society in Welli...
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Articles | 09 Jun 2017

CUMULO9 CEO UPDATE – IOD Conference, Technology Overview and Digital Communications Trends

The first part of this year has flown by, and being that we are in June already I thought it was a good time to provide an update on a few things that are top of mind at present. I...
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